Spore API

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Sporistics is a simple Sporepedia viewer with lots of stats.
By AtomicDay
Enhanced profiles for Firefox
By misterhaan
Enhanced Sporepedia pages for Firefox
By Digi-P

Psychic Spore
Try to guess the common theme from a set of creations.
By Theresa Duringer
Spore Tournament
Vote for your favorite Sporecasts
By Nightgunner5
Creator Clash
Make a creature using a specific list of parts
By Awesim

MPN Feed
Creations feed shows the top 50 MPN creatures.
By SpaceOddity
Spore Ladder
Track the score of Spore creators
By YTSoph
Sporecast Viewer
Play with a cool Sporecast viewer.
By Ascus

Spore Skeletons
View the top popular creature skeletons in augmened reality!
By Aaron Meyers
Achievement List
See which achievements you still need to earn.
By NecroBones
Navigate through a Sporepedia like creation viewer.

Quality Spore
Get all the stats on the creations you like.
By SniperMonkey
Mac Screensaver
See a screensaver shuffle through creations from the Sporepedia.
By impiaaa
Pit one person's creation against another in a tournament.
By JoeyBagOfDonuts

Sporepedia Mobile
Browse random creations on your phone!
By Francis Li
Play a Spore Creation memory challenge!
By RifoItaly
Smiley App
Random creations are organized by overall color in this app.
By Gaurav Shrivastava

Dungeons Of Spore
Explore this roquelike quest game.
By MaxisKate
Check if your Sporecast includes all archetypes
By Shawn Moore
iPhone SporeBroweser
Browse the Sporepedia on your iPhone
By impiaaa

Swap fish to find your favorite aquatic collection!
By MaxisCactus
Buddy Browser
How will you browse the Universe?
By MaxisDangerousYams
Buddy Activity
Get updates when your buddies make new creations.
By MaxisEditorDan

Creature Battle!
Pick the winning creation in a series of mini battles!
By MaxisDangerousYams
Random MPN
Check out a random Creation from the most popular new list.
By NicMacc
Play with Google gadgets for API asset search views.
By MaxisMichael

Spore Badges
Automate images of your Spore stats.
By BugSquash
Sven's Creatures
See stats on Sven's amazing creations.
By Hirnsausen