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tag your changeline
I'll be out of commission for awhile again
Enjoying Spore.
Time to Start a Revolution!
counting down till Star Citizen comes out
Downrating doesn't increase your creator skills :)
Are you a fan of delicious flavor?
see ya in the next life, spore
I'm back!
Stuff, Things, Shenanigans, Et Cetera...
home of the galactic heroes
Time to capture the Ragno Fortress.
99 quailty building created wait for the 100th
NO ONE HURTS BROOKE! Brooke: thank you...:)
real spore hours
Pissin blimey! Theres jam coming outta the walls!
unintentionally exiled
- the beast master
This Game Is Dead.
Words go here
new creations now at my youtube page
I'm BAAAAAAaaaaaaack.
Creating is my passion.
Cry Havoc! and unleash the spores of war!
I've been lurking in murky waters for a long time.
Realistic reCreator
I don't do much around here....
i'm never wrong just mistaken.
Time for a break
I reject your reality, and substitute my own.
Do you feel lulzy yet?
No threat will stop this warrior!
Need Spore mod testers! Contact me for more info!
And Spore slowly comes back to life but I don't lo
Every time someone subs to me a cute thing dies!
Is depressed for this dead game...
Working on various projects, allways around though
Good Bye Spore!
no tagline involved . . .
Is currently on this alt account: Ash_thunder_8375
monkey prickening
Can't get rid of me THAT easily
BrokenEyeReborn Bonus Content
Otherwise Reasonable Adult
Hard setting is the only setting.
And you are?
Give a fish a man & you feed it for like 6 months
New mission "Humidity" I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
Carrots? Don't you mean waffles?
Here and there
Check out my alternate account, Stinkrfist
I will be offline for a LONG LONG time.
Like... Cows, Man...
It's been nice, Spore. Maybe in another life.
New Account ChaolinDrake, New creations onward
creating for fun :)
I have left the internet social eye.
guess whos back
Very busy at school. I'll be back soon.
Admiral_Cloudberg on Reddit & Steam
I'm taking a break, thanks to all who supported me
Constants and Variables.
Check out my Youtube Profile: CrainyCreation
Hey.............. he has a hat!
Arguing With myself and losing!
Back again, but only creating rarely
is Absolute
More creations coming when I install Origin SPORE!
Are you the lemon?
curius offline. thanks for everything
It's Spode's world, we just live in it.
Creativity is a form of Madness...
And now back to playing Skyrim on the PC. :D
Heroics all the same.
Rarely going to be online.
I'd rather be a climbing ape than a falling angel
Art is life, even when it is death.
Waitin' for my beta key to arrive...
Slowly slowly ever onward...
been busy working on adventure stuff
Strength and Honor
Every great invention needs proper inspiration.
Dirtymeat A~Go~Go
Back again for the winter. check out my new ships.
UBD Militia
I miss my insanity...
Illars demand a sacrifice.
Awsome21 tries to troll me. He've failed epicz!
Not comin' back. New account: xX_japan_Xx.SUB MEH!
Going to be back online soon. :D
Dragonpenguin123 on DeviantART
All the Realms and Worlds...
Need entries for my contests!!!
Done for a bit.
Mostly using my 101Gamer account now
I'll be back soon enough, don't worry :)
I'm still active every now and again.
Taukoa, mutta kunka kauan? Siinäpä vasta kysymys..
Let the light of the Evenstar be with you...~LOTR
I click ergo I am!
engineer (of doom)
Taste my Spore! :P
im still around
I wanna live before I die.
Man it's been a long time.
Make Alien adventures with my creations!
Have a Coke and a Smile!
Behold, the dark and squishy contents of my mind.
Spore 2 needs to be made. Spore is dead.
Official ally of the Grox XD
I think today smells like awesome
Reinstalled, so adventures probably wont' work atm
GA is broken, but expect creatures occasionally
Be patient, I'm learning.
Alive and well....I will be back
I'm HtLBox's alt...
If you need me, see my Adventure4u account.
just have in fun =)
Salooverall's alt for uploading unworthy stuff :P
Out Of The Office. Use what you want!
a bunch of props without adventures
Light up the Fire - Ride on the Power!
The lone wolves fly alone.
Sorry, I have left.
Gone for good
Spored not bored
Smile, I don't bite!
SNS Serious Noise Shipworks
Please use any of my creations if you wish
I'll make adventure(s), but short ones.
Northern Spore
Spores project: hydroglyph.deviantart.com
Sacred blessings count for nothing.
Check out creations on my new user name Icthaeleus
MPN looks trash.
Busy wit not spore lol
I'm gone.
Story of a Drama Queen: the rise and fall
So what if LC is FFX? Shut up and forgive her.
Where my catchphrase is too complex to be catchy!
Trying to think of a new race to make.
that space stage tho
I <3 Trolls
Drew is my husband and we watch tv all night
Sorry Guys. I Am Unable To Return Due To School.
Light a fire, warm for a day. Lighted on fire...
I haz a snout! :3
Trying to make a little bit of everything. :)
Getting Bored of Spore
Retired from Spore. Feel free to use my stuff!
Taking a break
Switched to Decapitron13
Sanity is overrated.
who is the most awesomes person?
lmao anyone still on here rip
Imagination has no limitations
I love my tapeworm.
So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
Hui :3
Mors Regis
Moved on to greener pastures. i am not coming back
Hello and welcome
You can't kill me... I'm already dead
Persecution of the masses...
Can't wait for some free time to really get back
*Approve all comments* g'bye everyone
Computer broken, but will be back to finish BoL!!
I haz antenna, but don't you grab it. >_<
Midnight Beasts is coming on well.
Lord by your side. EAW & Sporenaissance!
i like taking a little inspiration from everything
Just makin' guns... You can request me if you want
I'm giving Spore up. I'm sorry, I really am.
(Account is indefinitley idle)
Grandmaster of delusion and confusion! ..or not?
The bitch is back
so long and thanks for all the fish
flying low underneath the radar
My name is Legion: for we are many.
UBD Militia. nuff sed.
ILYCR+ = I like your creation and am uprating it
You never know where you stand with a cactus.
Make something cool with the Spore API!
I am a leaf on the wind.
ACCOUNT VACANT - go to Rainmask (1/29/16)
Still creating! ^^
change your tagline
Well............ i dont know.
Finally back after saying being back 5 months ago!
Don't play this game anymore, TY for fun!
Thanks for the memories.... I'm done for now.
Try to make your stuff look good AND animate good!
I'm one of those weird ones
Can't log in. Xbox gamertag: ACyborgSquid
Making the universe more dangerous since 2008
My thumb only goes up!
Inactivity due to middle school and spore errors.
I make mechs and stuff...
Rarely going to be online.
I'm active on my alt, Daedallus
Soon all will be Virakarus
In time, all dark things come to light.
You're not the big fish in the pond anymore, mate.
Thanks and goodbye to all my buddies.
Moved to my old account: Dekerrex
Exploring the infinite
The Numbat is Nu...?
I'm just a mean green mother, from outer space!
Who am I kidding -_-
a bit out of practice
1,465 subbed; http://www.twitch.tv/sporepat1196
This tagline is bogus. Wait...
Dream of times and spaces / I left far behind...
What know they of England who only England know?
Please, let's have peace on Spore in 2012 and on!
Count Those Freaks.
I lied again. I'm super dead.
Back from the past
Find me on Tumblr as cofaqriqus
Moving house, new life beginning. Trimming the fat
Judge not until ye have seen in-game!
Hosting the SPOSCARS in the adventure section!
Using Dark Injection again. go to dA to see them
having technical difficulties! Be back soon!
preparing for the comeback
howdy howdy howdy
I'm baaaaack! Under a new account, "MisterRodaz"
I reject your reality and substitute my own!!
Is...is anybody out there?
Imagination Is What Makes Us Human...
hell is empty and all the devils are here
Not as active on this account much ._.
Sup...I am a little bored so give me ideas
old stuff is the new new stuff
Creations should look good & function in game!
is Probably doing something chaotic with Team RWBY
More Spore over at shadowraptor101.tumblr.com!
Add me on Miiverse!: ShadowRaptor101/Luther :P
abandon hope all who comment here.
I will downrate u >:(
We're all gooey on the inside
No man is free who is not master of himself.
Making some sets
long time no spore!
change your tagline
Believe me, I'm still here
I'm Back for More >:D
Active again :)
open wound to be mended soon.
I'm Back, Hopefully for good...
Cars, mechs and machines..what else??
Call me when Spore gets patched..
Pucker up, buttercup.
I’m trying, at least...
Looking for a friend. You're invited.
No point in Spore anymore!
Yes, people may use my stuff for GA :)
Fluff Vehicle Incorporated
If you need me, see my Adventure4u account.
I apologize to all I've hurt through my actions.
Spino, Raptors, JPOG, my favorite things.
Fear is my peer!
Busy with real life, not sure when I'll be back
Installing Spore on new pc, bbs ;)
taking it easy with Party Guy
good to see some of my old buddies creating!
Please check out my RANCOR! =D
I need some new spore friends... Or old ones...
Howdy hOWDY howdee!
It's DaHunter555, just a new name.
You guys can use my stuff in your adventures =)
Paszcza on psn add me
Seek the Epicness
Busy with my ordinary life, be back soon
New Account NeoVultrio
Is now Invader_ZIM_Fan.
get some
My DA- mechformer93.deviantart.com
Always tell me the odds... so I can cut you off.
I am back, after another long absence
Back into Spore, again.
I'm still here
My GAProp-Account
You've been warned by a lesser god...
I'm still here under a different name.
Short, armless, no depth perception. Life is hard.
Friend me on Steam! Im TheHipsterFrog!
On deviantArt: Flaamez
original creator of Ioanak and Redeya
Has left his mark on the community.
Unbound and Unleashed, Underground By Design
Did I was banned?
Hurrah for the EAW and what not!