Spore API


Flash Samples

Here are some basic samples demonstrating the Spore API. These are written in Flash using ActionsScript 3.0. Click the "download source code" link to get the .fla projects for each sample.


This is a very simple sample that shows how to get some stats about


This sample displays assets from a sporecast.<SporeCast Id>/<StartIndex>/<Length>

Asset Info

This sample gets all the information about an asset and shows how you can get the small PNG for an asset, if you know it's id.<AssetId>


This sample gets buddies for a user. Click on a buddy to get their buddies.<Username>/<StartIndex>/<Length>

Special Searches

This sample searches assets belonging special feeds like "Featured" and "Most Popular"<ViewType>/<StartIndex>/<Length>

Assets For User (RSS)

This sample gets all the assets for a user.Use the arrows to scroll through the assets.
It also shows how to get the XML and PNGS for an asset.<Username>


This sample gets achievements for a user. It then looks up the achievement icon, name and text.<Username>/<StartIndex>/<Length>
Achievement Icon: Get the official Spore achievement icon for a given achievement id<AchievementId>.png!0x0625c63e.png
Achievement Text: Look up the official Spore achievement name and text in an XML map file