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On a Quest in space.
Away for a bit, but I'll be back! :)
That's not me.
It's kind of fun to do the impossible!
One Creature per Creation
Goodbye, :-(
I'll be back after 9th February!
Welcome to my genetic zoo!
Earthlings, get ready to leave your galaxy.
also available in LittleBigPlanet and ModNation!
The only limit is imagination...
The Sand Pudding is away from Spore
Spore is awesome!
Welcome to my twisted world
Sporepedia? Is that contagious?
A little boom, a little sauce
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http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/216897
Without chaos, nothing can evolve
Everything looks perfect from far away
Breeding the next gen
Impossible is nothing
When are they going to give us a new patch?
Sporahee! Sporahoo! Sporahaa! SporaHA HA!!
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Beware of the Hop Hop Empire
Check out my wild & zany menagerie!!!
Now that's what I call a sticky situation!
Kinda hot in these rhinooos. -Ace Ventura
Conquer first, Ask questions later.
I'd rather be a climbing ape than a falling angel
Sporing around...
Bye, and thank you for coming to my page.
The galaxy in a box.
Illars demand a sacrifice.
Back with a vengeance
Just approved comments dating back to 2011. MIAa
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You! Out of the gene pool!
Take the time to look comment and rate, please!
Demigod of the OddBalls
"Because being normal just didn't cut it."
Nuke 'em from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
Behold, the dark and squishy contents of my mind.
Back and ready to make more weirdness.
Once I get a working computer...I'll be back!
Havin loads of fun creating creatures with my kids
Metal Gear!?
Let me show you my Sporkemans!
gamingsteve user
So long Spore :(
Maxis rocks!
Out Of The Office. Use what you want!
Busy for months...
Featured Shmeetured
The House of Creations.
Spored not bored
Follower of the GS and Senator of the New Galaxy
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i really do like santa!
One mind, many ideas.
Inoculate a Design
Tail today, feet tomorrow
Please Comment/Rate - I'll match each Comment/Rate
Reality is overrated
The Pisoo Phase
Obscure classics, toys, and original SF creatures.
Haven't played for some time
The permanent abode of insanity.
Freedom is only worth what we do with it.
Gotta love hindsight...
Ka ainim gaiben!
I could be wrong, but I could be wrong about that.
We Will Wright the wrong!
King of the Monkeys!!!
I sneak, I hide...I lurk
New creatures to come!
Keep it rolling!
Some person.
Bring me my monocle. I want to look rich.
Weird Creature Maker Man
Busy with my writing, happy Sporing!
Hey sexy mama, Wanna kill all humans?
Look what I can do!
möglich ist alles, umöglich dauert etwas länger
Cat's are superior to all creatures! You will see!
Cute and experimental, lots of variety.
changed the tagline
Not weird, wyrd which is a great deal weirder
I try my best :D
Congealed Weapon
Thanks for the memories.... I'm done for now.
Uber doesn't quite describe it.
This is my tagline.
It's sporetacular!
all the good creators left.
Currently inactive. Sorry :( Coming back sometime
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Random is random. :)
done with spore, feel free to use my creatures
Weird, but... Nope, just weird.
Come and be merry!.... Or Else!
Bring unthinkable horrors into your home today!
tastes just like chicken
a bit out of practice
The building block of life is simple, life is not.
Where do you stand on the future?
Just a few things from my mind!
Delicious carbohydrates.
Creatures from the Edges of Space.
Sorry for no recent updates
The Klown Prince of Creation
I am the Beginning and the End.....
Try riding me now, fool!
feel free to use any of my creations. Honored.
Taggity taggity tagline!
Not in right now; feel free to use anything
who chummed the water?
Check out my new player ID- Slarti-42
A Wily, Crafty, Shrewd, Insidious, Artful Dragon
To go where no man (or creature) has gone before..
Got the game, a bit underwhelmed. Prefer the CC...
Creativity is in everyone!
Darkspore is fail
Creature stage is fun...Space is ok
Where the weird and the not-so-witty collide...
Spore reproductions of video game content
Did a bit of housecleaning for release.
"Life is Weird."
Support science not superstition
Be the Greater Creator
I am the crazy plant creator
Some peoples heads are in the clouds...
I Gotta Believe!
Playfully testing limits since... um...
Google SPORE MONKEY to visit my spore fan site
kicking ass since 1991
If it's mine it doesn't completely suck
Gamingsteve, Cythil
Art is creation
Enjoying Life!!!
Hoping to have more time to Spore soon