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Dance Like Nobody's Watching
Hey, I found my password.
You can never stop improving
Creating again in 2023
The true genius relies upon their imagination.
Not easy being green? Bah! :)
when in doubt blow things up
Still no ETA but feel free to use my creations
The Friendly Creation
Think, Imagine, Create!
I'ts been a loooong time
If life gives you lemons, you make beef stew.
that space stage tho
Still around to respond to comments!
Check out the new Aylko set!
Playing when I have time... meaning not often :(
Moved http://www.spore.com/view/myspore/tektyx
umop ǝpıs dn
You never know where you stand with a cactus.
Make something cool with the Spore API!
I am an evil giraffe, and member of the Spore team
Beautiful but deadly....
wonders why he bothers.
philosophies enable them to rule without regard
There's no-one here but us rabbits.
Why run around and worry? Everything will work out
Just want to let you know, I only have the trial
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