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Because "Fiveoclock" was already taken...
2-21-2018 I am dreadfully sorry. .
Is it safe??
Hello, I'm the genius, he's the village idiot
People are still playing this game?
Moanie - Shimie n Shake.. Baby!
Spore smileys have three eyes :::D
Spore unlocks the imagination.
Taking a break from creating and playing the game!
have you ever seen a grox moonwalk? no? well i hav
I'm in school right now, so I won't be around much
Creativity leads to enlightenment!
Thank you for your comments. Mailbox in sporecast.
With the shield or over the shield...
you are welcome to use my stuff in your missions
Welcome to The land of the creative and uncreative
The Universe speaks to those who listen.
Just trying not to fall on my face.
What're you lookin' at?
I have evolved a HUGE tagline
Done. Buhbye.
Leave a comment it makes me happy!
I will try to do better!!
Bye, and thank you for coming to my page.
Lets Go Diving! Scuba Instructor since 1994
Illars demand a sacrifice.
Check out TerraWyvern's creations!
All the Realms and Worlds...
The organic city.
Shut up. I got it, you don't.
Sorry, way behind lately...=(
change your tagline
One day more! Another day ,another destiny.
Have a Coke and a Smile!
I need a break, I bought Sims 3.
I have mech parts!
Back for the creativity boost
Feature An Early Creature!
SNS Serious Noise Shipworks
Sacred blessings count for nothing.
2017: I have never bougth games from EA :P
that space stage tho
prob gunna return along the lines of decemberish
still mostly away but do check in when can
Vote in the Athropod challenge in comm.challenges!
no comments please. backed up and nothing new
Alive and mining
Persona/Screen name: Solcenter08
Now with only half the Calories!!!
Latest Crappyness Brought to you by my Guests
We can't stop here... this is bat country.
♥♥♥Danke für Eure Kommentare !!! ;o)♥♥♥
Plant and Marine editors would be nice.
Busy with my writing, happy Sporing!
Let's build up something~! ♥
I have re-booted the ol' galaxy!
{insert witty tagline here}
Now creating as OverActor.
Conquer yourself, then the galaxy.
i cant play D: 'crying'
Nova CEO is on his way back....
Sorry everyone but i have quit
The UFO's are here!! Again!!
An artist's work is never done. :D
I reject your reality and substitute my own!!
Live to Laugh, Love to Live
Such A Noob, Yep!
Please revert to the old profile layout ='C
Creations should look good & function in game!
Pie is good.
High Sandwich Priest
Banned in the USA
You're just another brick in the wall
Check out my new player ID- Slarti-42
I reject your reality and substitute my own.
Sorry I haven't been on lately, but im a bit busy.
Im babababababa-back peoples!
Comment me on my other screenname, MaxTheCrook
Darkspore is fail
Working on fixing Spore so I can start creating.:)
... Could it be?
Current status: OFFLINE
good to see some of my old buddies creating!
Vítám Vás na mé stránce!
Even cats like dogs!
>> cReAtiVitY iS My WoRld <<
I like to create random things.
Your local reef specialist!
change your tagline