Creator Spotlight: Gryphon57

Meet Creator Gryphon57

Meet Gryphon57. She's shared many great creations with the Spore community and has quickly climbed the most subscribed to players list. This month we've decided to put Gryphon57 under the spotlight by asking her a few questions about herself and how she plays Spore!

Name: Deborah S. aka Gryphon57

Location: Canada eh! Southern Ontario

Gryphon57 Age? Hahaha, well, not nearly as old as my tag implies! Always a kid at heart. Lets just say I'm just old enough not to want to answer that!

Your creations are unbelievable! Do you find any particular inspiration for your work?

As most people have probably guessed, I have an affinity towards animals. I've spent a lot of time in the outdoors over the years and find myself quite lost when in a large city. This world is filled with living art and it is most definitely the biggest influence on my creations. Of course, I put my own spin on things along the way.


Comedy would also share in adding its twist on a lot of things that I create. I'm a big fan of Gary Larson and Monty Python. Some of my creations are thought out but I find a lot of the time I will start making one thing and find I just go with it and it comes out as something completely different. There are instances when something happens during the day or someone says something that will give me an idea for a creation.

Even driving to work, with the first snow fall this year, the morning sun giving a golden hue to everything inspired one of my winter creations. It's hard not to be influenced by creations from other people. And there are a lot of creators that continually raise the bar. For the most part I just do whatever happens to be fluttering around in my head at the moment. If I am just playing around without really trying to do a specific thing..then I seem to be more apt to do something more amazing.

Although not by profession, I am an artist. I've found that since my daughter was born I've had no time to sit down and paint or draw. This game has afforded me a way to express my artistic side relatively quickly compared to say doing a large I find I can get my art fix quickly. Well, at first anyways. I find that I spend a lot of time in the editors now, hahah, and I'm sure others can attest to the same thing.

You get a lot of great ratings for your creations, as well as many comments. Have you met anyone during your experience playing Spore?

Gryphon57 Oh my...well, yes, I've met quite a few people...and there are so very many that have helped me along the way. It would be almost impossible to name all the people that have encouraged me with kind remarks and helpful hints.

Aaarggg, Ceece, ShardsofBlue, Dirtymeat...they all inspired me early on..along with Fotosynthesis, whom I imagine most people are familiar with. For the past while though a certain person came along that stands out quite a bit and has become a good friend. That person would be TnT-Productions...both of them..hahah..he and his wife. He inspired me to get involved with the building editors. Before that I spent most of my time in the spaceship editor.

Along with Tnt, there is Mootacoo and Slartibartfast38 who I have become friends with along the way and they are a hard group to keep up with! . I'm continually amazed at how great the people are here for such an enormous community! There are so many wonderful people I've met along the way and hate to leave anyone out. I really feel the need to add to the list of people that I find so amazing so I will! Aquijybo, Calculatrice,General_Pothead, genghisk01,Granite25(and you know I think your just grand!)Iceist, Jondree,lazywnch ;). MCrabs, Ragat, DiabloDog, Didzo, Alesandria, SunGolden,Zonagirl,SketchyChic,TinyBits,Akilahanahid,and one of my newest found treasures would be BellaBlim!

Everyone on that list has had a hand in encouraging and inspiring me...a BIG thanks to them all. I know there are many others and wish I could name them all but it would take me a week to organize the list!

What's your favorite creation that you made - and what's your favorite by someone else?

This question forced me to do the most brain hurts. Not an easy question and I'm mostly referring to the latter part of that question which I will answer last. Well, my own favorite creation is almost always the one I just finished. I have a tough time in that area as they all have different qualities that tickle my fancy/funny bone.

I believe the that it would have to be a toss up between Hatchling, although the animation is useless, I'm very fond of the outcome and the other would be Rule the World.

I was really happy with the way the mice came out on that one and obviously it served to inspire many more creations.

Getting back to my most favorite creation by someone else. I really thought about this and there are endless creations that I have admired..blown my mind would be unfair to mention one without mentioning them all. So, I went for the creation that I enjoy the most. That would have to be the Floone. It is such a charming creature with endless variations...a most intriguing character game encounters are aways welcomed!

Which editor is your favorite to create in (creature, building, vehicle, spaceship)? Why?

Gryphon57 For the longest time I was fixated with the spaceship editor.

First of all, the fact that I could fly this thing around in game drove me to make something that would really be off the wall to fly. Not to mention, the first encounter in game with a spaceship.....and I had no idea what was going on...a large lady bug flew by me. I was gliding up over the tree tops and this giant insect pulled up beside me. I thought it was some strange creature coming to eat me, an epic, so I panicked and then later, realized it was a ship.

After that I knew I had to unlock that editor as my mind was racing with endless ideas! What I truly enjoy about this editor is the ability to sink pieces together with such ease. The lights make great eyes and my first few creations I used to laugh myself silly thinking how odd it would look to someone who was in the same boat I'd been in and not knowing what was going on to have such recognizably non spaceship spaceships flying overhead. I think my favorite spaceship would have to be the I-dog. Although not my favorite creation, Area 51 spaceship is the one I use in game the most.

So, yes, the spaceship editor is my favorite, maybe due to my familiarity with it now but before due to the above mentioned reasons.

Many of your creations seem like snapshots that tell a story, such as Leviathan or Gone to the Dogs. Did it take you a long time to find your signature style?

I wasn't aware that I had a signature style..hahah...but I guess there is a certain look I probably attain as I have my favorite pieces that I use over and well as the mice..always mice...and dolphins...I keep getting accused of having a Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy problem...and I've never read the book...and fell asleep through the movie. Maybe my subconscious picked up on it! I do what I know best, and that would be animal anatomy and nature.

I picked up the CC early on and never looked back.

I would imagine as my skill increased with practice...hours and hours of practice....hahahah , a certain look finally evolved. I still enjoy the creature creator and go back there from time to time...but feel pressured by all you whiz kids in the building editors and so I find myself knocking about in them frequently now.

I'm not super techie when it comes to actual vehicles. I tend to shy away from building the things that are supposed to be built in them..such as actual cars, houses, space faring vehicles. I've made one or two I suppose, but guarantee that most of my stuff will inevitably resemble some sort of beast.

There are people that like that, but if you are a die hard, must be spaceship person...don't add me as a buddy!!!!! Hmmm...I guess that was a kind of round-about answer to your question!?

What is your main motivation for making new creations?

Gryphon57 Hi, my name is Deb, and I have a Spore problem.

Well, if its not TnT pushing me to turn out some stuff for SporeTV, then its trying to one up Slartibartfast38 or take on Mootacoo's lone viking(just kidding around), then I'd have to say just the need to create something.

It's a very unique experience to work in the editors. I've always liked creating things, be it art work, photography, building models with my child or even grooming my dogs. Years ago I had an Amiga1000, and used to enjoy playing around creating art...but it was very tedious work. The editors that have been providing in this Spore game are simply amazing.

The ability to mold and shape in the editors is endless and then, finding just the right colour combination to top off the finished product....there is a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction without the monotony of other methods and programs. And the greatest motivation is probably just the need for fun. It is a great distraction from daily frustrations and worries.

Is there anything you'd like to shout-out to everyone reading the Spore Newsletter?

A HUGE thanks to everyone here that is a part of this community.

I've had so many positive and kind comments and enjoyed wandering through many people's pages. Be good to each other, appreciate the time and effort that have been put into each creation, for a bit of that person is in each piece! Art work is art is not about being better, but doing what you like and expressing yourself with each creation. To all the kids out you homework and your chores...then come play on Spore!!

And for the younger kids...keep working at it and enjoy the game. Don't let yourself get frustrated by other people's work that seems impossibly complex..just keep playing guys have the best chance of becoming the best creators....your learning curve hasn't flattened out like the older crowd!!! I have not been as diligent in answering folks as I once was, partially due to my busy schedule and also the overwhelming response that I get from time to time...just to much for me to answer apologies to all that may have felt ignored by me...I truly do appreciate your comments! I will try though, to answer when possible!!

Thank you Maxis, for the opportunity to share a bit about myself and to express my appreciation for all the sporific comments that I receive on a daily basis! Oh yes, and thanks for such a great program!!!

Thanks to All!!

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