Hero Arena Fighting

Spore Hero Arena Fighting Guide


You can choose from two ways to move your creature:

  • 1) Use your stylus to 'guide' your creature across the screen. Your creature will follow your stylus around the environment. (control pad turns into alternate 'attack' buttons)
  • 2) Use the control pad to control your creature. (A,B,X,Y are the only 'attack' buttons) You can switch controls using the options menu found on the ships computer.

Attack buttons:

  • Bite - X button (or Control Pad up if stylus movement is on). The bite attack lowers your opponents' health bars, but it does not knock your opponents back.
  • Slash - A button (or Control Pad left if stylus movement is on). The slash attack knocks your opponents back a bit, but does do as much damage to your opponents' health bars.
  • Spit - Y button (or Control pad right if stylus movement is on). The Spit attack knocks your opponents back a bit at range, and does a bit of damage to their healh bars.
  • Block - B button (or Control pad down if stylus movement is on). Blocking will decrease damage and knockback by 50%. If timed correctly, you can dig in and reduce the amount of knockback significantly.


Special Moves, or "Bio-Powers," can be activated by pressing the L or R buttons when the bio-power meter is full (the purple meter below the health meter).

Single Target Bio-Powers: These Bio-Powers can be targeted at one specific enemy. A couple examples include firebreath (heavy damage) and lightning bolt (brief paralysis).

Multiple Target Bio-Powers: These Bio-Powers can target multiple enemies. A couple examples include whirlwind (knockback), and slow (brief speed handicap).

Non-Targeted Bio-Power: These Bio-Powers either effect the area around your creature, or your creature itself. Examples include Ground Stomp (knockback) and Berserk (brief speed / power boost).

Types of Battles:

In Spore Hero Arena, there are 5 basic types of battles:

Battle Royale - Classic free-for-all. Lives are lost by getting knocked off the arena platform. The last one with lives left wins.

Hoard and Hatch - Free for all event where the goal is to bring as many of the eggs from the middle of the arenas to your own nest in the corner to hatch.

Capture the Egg - A 2 on 2 capture-the-flag battle. The first team to bring enough of their opponents' egg back to their own nest wins.

King of the Planet - A free for all battle where the goal is to control the crown for the longest amount of time. You will lose the crown once you get hit, so grab it and run!

How to battle friends and rivals (Multiplayer Mayhem)

  • First, unlock multiplayer by completing planet Eses Minnobah (the starting planet)
  • Enter the Holo-deck and select Multiplayer
  • Select if you'd like to play a Local Game or a game using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
  • Local Game Options
    • Select 2-4 players
    • Select your battle type/arena
    • Select number of wins
    • Select from any creatures you've saved in the My Creatures section of The Sporepedia
    • Wait for everyone to join and then start the game!
  • Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection games
    • Setup and connect to Wi-Fi
    • Select from a Friend* Battle or Worldwide Battle
    • You'll then jump into a game!
    • *Note: If you want to play with friends, you'll need to exchange friend codes. You can do this on the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connections menu.

Tips & Tricks

  • You can unlock new multiplayer arenas as you progress through the game!
  • Any creatures you see during local multiplayer will be saved in the Shared Creatures section of the Sporepedia. If you save these, then you can take them creatures into the Creature Creator and use them for battle.
  • Having trouble winning? Try building out a couple different creatures with different stats maxed out. New parts might help out as well.

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