The Basics

Q: How much do the physical capabilities of your creature influence their effectiveness in combat during the tribal, and civilization stages?

A: In tribe stage physical abilities still directly influence your creature's success. For example, a high stealth ability can mean the difference between success or failure in an ambush. Meanwhile, the use of tools begins to play a larger role in the success of the species.

In civilization stage, your creature will develop more sophisticated technology. Here, the emphasis is more on strategic use of modern advancements rather than physical abilities.

The evolutionary path you choose has ramifications on the future of your species. Your actions will earn your species a trait which in turn gives it certain special abilities that will aide it in the next stage of its advancement and beyond.

Q: In the space stage will you just control your own spaceship, or will you be able to command fleets of ships?

A: When you form an alliance with and alien empire in space, a spaceship from that species will join your own. By forming multiple alliances, you can build a small fleet which you lead by controlling your own spaceship, at the helm of the group.

Q: What does "massively single" player mean?

A: Spore is the best of both worlds. It has some of the best features of online multiplayer games. You can share all your creations with people round the world, and check out everything they are making. AI-controlled copies of their creatures and vehicles will populate your game, keeping it fun and fresh. At the same time, you are not playing directly with other people so no-one can come into your personal world and destroy it.

Q: Won't my planet become over-crowded with everyone's creatures being downloaded into my world?

A: Your game will only download as many creatures, buildings, and vehicles as it needs to build a great experience for you. If you have created a list of buddies, their creations will be prioritized when the game needs to download new things. This system keeps your game fresh, and makes sure there are always lots of cool new things to encounter as you explore the universe of Spore.

Q: Can I make creatures that live underwater or in trees?

A: In Spore's Cell stage your tiny creature will grow in its underwater world. The remainder of the game takes place on land, where you can grow your humble little beast into a world dominating species.

Versions, Dates, Costs, Ratings

Q: Will the Mac and PC versions share the same "Sporepedia" of creatures?

A: Yes. You'll be able to share and explore the great creations that your friends with both Macs and PCs make.

Q: Why aren't there more details about the Wii version?

A: Will mentioned in an article that we are working on a Wii version, but that version is in the early proto-typing phase. It will not be released at the same time as the PC and Mac versions.

Tech Questions

Q: Am I going to need a top-of-the line new computer to be able to play Spore?

A: While Spore offers a unique gameplay experience, our team is working hard to make sure Spore will be accessible to as broad an audience as possible.

Spore Creatures

Q: How were you able to fit all of Spore into the DS version

A: Spore Creatures on the Nintendo DS is a fully custom sku developed specifically for the DS platform, featuring a unique storyline and art style optimized for that platform. It focuses on guiding and evolving your creature in interactions with others, collecting parts, and evolving your creature in the Creature Editor.

Q: Can I trade creatures between the DS and PC versions?

A: No. The DS and PC games are tailored quite differently, for the best game experience on each platform.

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