Meet the Captains

Community Made Captains

Sporum community members competed in the Captain Postcard Challenge to have Maxis developers recreate their creatures using captain parts. Get 3D captain previews above or find details on the winners below.

Battayn Huntmaster

By ashkelon

Sanu-Kish Merchant

By Karl-EL

Commander Gort

By Cecil_090


By Himmelslaub


By bcrane
"I really liked the bright colors of the Battayn Huntmaster, so I used the accessories that matched his brightness. His original tribal accessories weren't futuristic, so I thought the captain's gear should reflect the natural look of his ancestors."
- MaxisKate
"The Sanu-Kish Merchant looks like a shrewd trader in spice and other galactic goods. The extra pair of hands must help in all manners of under-the-table deals."
- MaxisCactus
"Because Gort's repetitive armor mimics the Earth shark's polyphyodont dentition, new bones are constantly being pushed to the surface while older ones shed. The redundancy makes Gort an unstoppable mercenary."
- MaxisCactus
"This creature looks like an alien aquatic being and has a very graceful build. His newly-acquired battle armor and weapons suit his body composition perfectly and let him move around with ease and dexterity. He will make one deadly space captain!"
- MaxisZach
"Beyond being fully equipped for battle, Breen will step out into the world armed with dance moves that will knock the claws off of anyone who scurries through his path!"
- MaxisHolly

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In Spore™ Galactic Adventures, now you can get out of your starship and turn your Spore creatures into legendary Space Captains.

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Captains Trailer