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"My own personal universe"
Greatest game idea is dead. Waiting Spore 2...
Or maybe not.
Кто буйный — ты буйный!
Shadowforge Industries - Building Tomorrow
My Deviantart username : okamilota
Don't you dare copy my tagline!
Looking for disks then will finally be back!
Hard setting is the only setting.
I will be offline for a LONG LONG time.
right now: inactive
Check out my Youtube Profile: CrainyCreation
is Absolute
I am your worst nightmare.
The world is a meteor/oyster with Cell thorn in it
Don't Mess With the DinoHunter!!
Jakster is my husband and we watch tv all night
you want old spore?
Predicting the new starters years ago
*BANG!* is it dead?
The Most Interesting Man in the World.
I'm back everybody!
Make Alien adventures with my creations!
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A wannabe who wannabe the best wannabe EVER!
Hey trying to get on more guys :D
Is currently using another account.
GA is broken, but expect creatures occasionally
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In Soviet Serbia, kebab removes you.
I will not change my tagline.
That Crust Is Divine! - Piemaker
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Darkness In My Blood
Sorry, I have left.
Let's have a Ling rush, you say?
I`m Making A come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
AKA; Rebecca1208 / DarkEdgeTV
Can play adventures but no longer creating
If life gives you lemons, you make beef stew.
Married with Seven Toads
i own some noobs
Its contest time, comment for details
change your taglinehttp://www.spore.com/view/myspo
We all go the same way home
Retired from Spore. Feel free to use my stuff!
Sanity is overrated.
Ugly is only skin deep
anything new?
Good old times' - too bad they're gone
Live or Die Trying...
Spore: The Hurt Feelings Edition
This game is only dead because EA wants it to be.
@WaveBomber on Twitter
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Grandmaster of delusion and confusion! ..or not?
Just wake me up when September ends
Not surprised of no change after one year
Billion dollar babies!
Star Wars fans check out my adventures :)
You never know where you stand with a cactus.
Can I kick it? Yes I can.
make juicy things!
Make something cool with the Spore API!
Browsing Creations...
I am an evil giraffe, and member of the Spore team
Easy to make hard puzzles; hard to make good ones
Bouncing to a different drum
Spore is my favorite game, I play it all day long,
Svět není samý slunce a duha ..
ACCOUNT VACANT - go to Rainmask (1/29/16)
into the world beyond time
New Story FINALLY in development. Stay Tuned
Thanks for the memories.... I'm done for now.
Look at the comments, you'll see fun things (;
Taking Over EA One Sheep At A Time. WE'RE HERE
Blurry sprite made of self is blurry in spore XD
There are some things people never forget.
Moved to my old account: Dekerrex
wut is this
>implying anyone still plays this game
Your horrible Sporum moderator
Still periodically checking.
Heloooo every body
a bit out of practice
Nur der HSV . HSV 1887
too many bad creations. go to Pikmin101.
Never accept a drink from a urineologist.
A Pirate's Spore for me.
The Grox, are champions!!
please comment my things
Long Live The USK
Kerios is watching you.
Spore is pure genius!
beware the budgies!dinos are birds!
Spore is infinity manifest
Placeholder tagline.
Let the adventure start...
Creating Life and Universes...
I hope to be a maxis one day
There's a starman waiting in the sky.
I'm addicted to DC Universe Online...
60 Subs! Thank you guys!
More Spore over at shadowraptor101.tumblr.com!
Add me on Miiverse!: ShadowRaptor101/Luther :P
abandon hope all who comment here.
Ello B0zz, can i habe a Pizza Pls
The Snow Leopard of the Wind
Against the power of Mordor there can be no victor
I have quit, in case u care.
bringing the best of spore to the mean streets
How do you spore?
Call me when Spore gets patched..
Back in Business :)
"My purpose is clear, my targets doomed."
I am the ultimate being bow before my might!!!!!!!
i'll see if i return.
I'm baaaack!
wheres the other 93 of me?
Alternate account to CreaturePre
You must keep creating, or you will be bad...
Uninstall ALL the spores!
Welcome to the Sporenaissance!
The Dragons will rise once more.
lubie placki xD
I have regained my account
My captain has reached level 10! W00T!
spreading those positive vibes
>> cReAtiVitY iS My WoRld <<
My username is the same on Wii U!
Emperor of the Delpha Coalition of Planets!
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DNFTT Thinks It- I Mean She Knows Everything xD
Don’t judge a book by its cover
Did I was banned?
Basketball rox