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demon game more important than spore 😔😔😔😔😔😔
Still find myself coming back.
new account: Omegasquid
im chunks?
i make things sometimes
what manner of shenanigans may yet come?
CRASH Captain
Welcome to my Spore Page.
Wow, I've played this game for a long time...
i don't gaprop..feel free to use my stuff :)
Fresh out of creative ideas. Meh.
Hello. Or, to put it another way, o hell.
PSO2 NGS is holding me hostage, don't send help.
Change your tagline! Or don't, I'm not your boss.
I’m on a new account: LuxWyvern15
Christmas is near...
time to get busy
hello...? HELLO!!!! WHERE AM I
You know what I like the most?
My main Spore account is "Rebecca1208" :)
i want halloween to come back
Discord for GA at https://discord.gg/7zmvrFU
now with the power of mods, i do not upload
Making dragons since 2011
Inactive, contact me on toyhou.se @springfire
Life is the universe experiencing itself.
well, well, look whos inside again
Spore (2008) Video Game
Hello.. -////-
Let history never forget this game
I tend to scare the muses away when I open Spore.
I hardly play anymore, becoz of keyboard issues.
The Endux Shall Reign SUPREME!!!
What are you doing here?
Hello there, stranger
change your tagline
TheDragonShop's main account!
Devourer of thots and simps
Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone AW
kreamthehamster's fake pokemon
hope you're all well ♥
New Account: Weem0
Occasionally active
All feedback is definitely appreciated.
"No." -Chris, 2012-2023
A complete fool
umop ǝpıs dn
Ready your blades
Yall need to add Bot parts and Flora editor.
A stellars nerd
And then, it came.
big sad
The lady who makes realistic animals..& stuff!
Playing since June 8th, 2011
I make mechs and stuff...
If you're reading this, make a dodo!
Sub my new account: RogueDragoness
What's the point of corn?
a bit out of practice
I'm saving my galaxy every day.
if yall use discord "plant_zombean#0049"
Yearly winner of the JD Power Award
Think both outside and inside the box.
just do my things
Find me on IG-cosmic_pugz
Thanks to all compliments! :-)
We're destined to walk in the light of other suns
Moved to Stormybird! This Acc is now an alt!
why does spore keep breaking i just want ga
I enjoy this game far too much
Needing more people to help with Xexes
Potatoes are godly beings pass it on
Having problems playing spore on my pc :(
Discord: meatlejuice
you're doing so good.
Anthros and dragons!
Doing less sailing these days...
~~Spud World, V~~
change your tagline
Staying cool in late summer heats.
I won't be on much. You can find me on ROBLOX!
IG: stormy.starlight | TH: StormyStarlight
anybody alive here?
I'm not an actor. I just play one on TV.
Star Control creatures galore!
i wish i could put an apostrophe in my name
How lovely!
:P Moved to Adrifting. This is a junk account now.
Refer to me as she if you can
This avatar is VERY OLD. My new one is Preeminence
Pining for the Fjords
inactive, moved to harbinget
hi i'm doin fine how are yall
Moved to a different account
Transferring to account TheCreator978
I go on frequent Hiatus' :P
Mostly lost interest. Nostalgia might motivate me?