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SimonKenway is back... and he STILL hasn't learned
im chunks?
talk to me here pls: https://discord.gg/br4UR4U
It would seem that I have changed my tagline.
Ello! I'm just another Spore player.. :3
change your tagline
Trying to recreate some Darkspore creations
丨ㄒ'丂 千尺乇乇 尺乇卂ㄥ 乇丂ㄒ卂ㄒ乇
has Spring arrived ? still Cold...
Change your tagline
Dark Sands - Episode 34 is out! (Still on hiatus.)
Its Back From The Winged Lane!
You know what I like the most?
My main Spore account is "Rebecca1208" :)
too hot (hot damn)
been busy working on adventure stuff
*wryyyys internally*
I will end all ants
MyJob: 2Make Awesome Aliens 2Enrich Yur Experience
7500/15000 points to redemption!
We're talking smooth, like... Communism smooth.
I hardly play anymore, becoz of keyboard issues.
No one hates computers more than a programmer
What are you doing here?
I’ll re-add everyone soon.
TheDragonShop's main account!
Revengeance mode is actually pretty fun!
Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone AW
kreamthehamster's fake pokemon
wow paranoia is fun
"These are leegaal!" -HippieBot
i frogot how to uhh
"No." -Chris Inseki, 2012-2017
ILYCR+ = I like your creation and am uprating it
How do I kill The Twins? HELP!
If the rule you followed, brought you to this...
Only a god has the right to change the taglines!
I make mechs and stuff...
This is my tagline. Pretend it's funny.
Sub my new account: RogueDragoness
I'm saving my galaxy every day.
The guy that makes realistic cars.
Think both outside and inside the box.
Believe in the Arrowsong...
I think I quit sorry guys
Thanks to all friendly comments! :-)
We're destined to walk in the light of other suns
Moved to Stormybird! This Acc is now an alt!
Needing more people to help with Xexes
This is a tagline I guess.
Working on a legacy series
ask if you want to know my discord and talk to me
pc broke, on hiatus
-the shameless perfectionist...
~~Spud World, V~~
I won't be on much. You can find me on ROBLOX!
i put the pro in procrastination
change your tagline
Star Control creatures galore!
Happy Canada day!
I now go by the username 'Preeminence'
Bounce,Bounce,Bounce,Smogg Bounce!
Hey Guys! Wanna Play Eat The Dirt with Me?
good boys have the best face squish
No h*cks, no fr*ccs, no double decker d*cks!
Dergs, Extraterrestrials, Biomechs, Other Stuff
I go on frequent Hiatus' :P
this game deserves a more dignified death tbh