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Sharable modded creations: biology, birds & flight
Youtube: Alexsebok plays Spore
new account: Omegasquid
Pissin blimey! Theres jam coming outta the walls!
July 2014 - Back and trying to reinstall.
Sporehalla Discord https://discord.gg/w4Ewzgm
Dinosaurs here! Aliens at new acc: AstroPlanet
Formerly known as Therizinosaur
Most definitely dead.
Hard setting is the only setting.
Stacker mod is so fun to use
my server is back from the dead
surrender yer brainmeatses
Missmollyboots' new account!
Prehistory in the making!
Every great invention needs proper inspiration.
I just like scary spore stuff. :P
I go by "Spingleblab" now.
Ascension Hub: https://discord.gg/nUty56dMuZ
I like to make weirdos!
just for fun account: the_eelman
quitting spore once i get to 6,969 creations
change your tagline
"It's 3:1 Sir" "Then it's an even fight"
I just try to make cool stuff, eeyaaaahhh.
Has left for good
"Pokemonkab ruined the Revolutionverse" - williezk
GA is broken, but expect creatures occasionally
kik Messenger username: xVortex360x
Bringing you alien life since 08/07/2008
Evolution takes no prisioners
Be afraid... be VERY afraid... (Not really)
Welcome to the Hippo zone, watch your step.
You never know where you stand with a cactus.
Ready your blades
im are seal wat u ekspect?
hangtight97, I'm never on spore so just sub!
Sporechives - https://discord.gg/ps5fhFwfCm
Check out my new account Creator4ever!
Returned from the void.
Join the Expedition! https://discord.gg/tFYWT33jGH
Right now I'm working on making new adventures!
a bit out of practice
1,465 subbed; http://www.twitch.tv/sporepat1196
metaphorical Ancient Horror
Think both outside and inside the box.
Deus pascit corvos
I'm baaaaack! Under a new account, "MisterRodaz"
Not creating much now
Probably wont be on regularly but who knows 😎
From negative brain space
I am a man of few words, but many ideas
What do you Believe?
(Full of minerals)
Big Boy Blast
discord: basedsquid#5807
Thats enouth Ship out of you!
Just creating aliens in my free time
Just a random nerd making stuff in SPORE for fun.
Busy with real life, not sure when I'll be back
We are the chosen few, We are the galactic heroes!
"Still Alive after all these Years."
You guys can use my stuff in your adventures =)
>> cReAtiVitY iS My WoRld <<
Did I was banned?
[This user is no longer avalable]