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Make dragon ocs popular again 2k15
Time to capture the Ragno Fortress.
change your tagline
< insert witty tagline here >
- the beast master
Busy but still building...
A pretty cool dude, relatively speaking
And Spore slowly comes back to life but I don't lo
Is depressed for this dead game...
Working on various projects, allways around though
Time to kick some tailpipe!
Architectura Navalis Galacticas
Ugh, Sorry about being offline. Portfolio work. Dx
The chuuni is strong with this one...
The Universe speaks to those who listen.
magnificas res fingamus
Aliens made here.
Rainbow sheep in a sea of white
Never let Spore die! Keep demanding Spore 2!
curius offline. thanks for everything
Moved to LunarIncarnation
Not very active ATM, but checking in occassionaly
Just a Rainbow in the Dark
where did everyone go?
Need entries for my contests!!!
Believe in yourself, or no one else will do it
Good things grow in Ontario :D
Behold, mortals, your dark lord has returned!!
Humanity's Children
Make Alien adventures with my creations!
Home of the evil cupcake
Life gives me lemons, I just throw them at people.
Master of all infections
Life, The Universe, Everything!
GA is broken, but expect creatures occasionally
I'm back! ^_^
Back for the creativity boost
Darkness In My Blood
may the odds be ever in your favor(:
Let's have a Ling rush, you say?
AKA; Rebecca1208 / DarkEdgeTV
Can play adventures but no longer creating
Hark to the story!
Well, that's new.
Everyday, is a day -_- I know right? DUH!
I am not always on here sorry.
has ended my career on Spore but i might come back
It's been so long...
spore's back up to 100%, I"m back
I haz antenna, but don't you grab it. >_<
Spore: The Hurt Feelings Edition
On a creation vacation
Sometimes I look at my life choices and cringe.
so long and thanks for all the fish
Um, is he friendly?
Don't Worry EXCALlBUR ;) I'll come back soon!
You never know where you stand with a cactus.
...Can't kill...me...
Just Got GA :D
This game is the best.
Stop commenting. i left forever. ~Ovi
a bit out of practice
Spore is glitching out again, but I'm back!
A 50-character limit doesn't let you say much...
Sooo Now What.....
is currently having problems uploading
Pumping those Spore juices!
Spread Your Spores
we back bois
Remember when?
Sorry about the lack of activity; I'm pretty busy.
"Being eaten by a cow... possible."
Imagination Is What Makes Us Human...
Hello world
Awesomeness is awesome
Creations should look good & function in game!
More Spore over at shadowraptor101.tumblr.com!
No man is free who is not master of himself.
One does not simply leave Spore.
If you're subbed to me,I go by Alteran-Dude now.
I intend to reply to comments very soon. =D
[ironic tagline]
read this tagline to die instantly
Yes, people may use my stuff for GA :)
Delays, Still working on it
Fear is my peer!
Stronger the creatures, stronger the galaxy!!!!!!!
good to see some of my old buddies creating!
Please check out my RANCOR! =D
Keeping on keeping on.
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Where did he go?