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New DarkSpore based Floones up!
Spore is my life
DA: Pyroraptor42 Tumblr: ElEspermatozoideMesozoico
Hey.............. he has a hat!
The Most Interesting Man in the World.
SNS Serious Noise Shipworks
Evoluir é a chave pra tudo. Evolua
Art is the medicine for the pain of life.
The Travel Through The Universe Starts With A Cell
UBD Militia. nuff sed.
You never know where you stand with a cactus.
Spore is my favorite game, I play it all day long,
Coming soon: My Adventure! :D
changed the tagline
Thanks for the memories.... I'm done for now.
Try to make your stuff look good AND animate good!
Street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm
I have nothing to do so i play spore!
See you in Spore 2, lol
So when are you making a sequel to this game?
Conta encerrada
a bit out of practice
Recovered my account yay
account closed!!
If you are my friend then tell me.
There is no evidence of Spode.
Love me my Spore.
Sorry for my prolonged absence. Back in June.
Lulz for life
Check out my new player ID- Slarti-42
not gonna come back.. probably
How come I can't get Creepy and Cute?'getit'nowork
Human=dummest creature on Earth
You can contact me on deviant art as Srarlight
Oh yeah
Call me when Spore gets patched..
Pucker up, buttercup.
I can't connect to spore:(.
Being seeing the cosmos at a wide horizon now!
Who said imagination had a Limit?
Please direct comments to my new account: -ebor-
Moved to Twarda8; got another SPORE (@Twarda8)
Heh, one year without a tagline update..fail