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VIVA SPORE!!!!!!!!!!!
"My own personal universe"
I died. Boohoo.
Down and out for the count
Still creating crazy stuff, even after 3 years.
Happy New Year!
on and off,and on again.
change your tagline
Keep on creating.
Bringing Great Creations To You!
Formely Blackrhinoranger
here be random
Four Swords FOUR-Ever!!!
teh bwains get eaten fastea with bwain squid
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Away from SPORE for university.
And I'm back online!
is Absolute
Unleash your inner Fury.
I have uploaded a new Adventure!
Why no grond movs hiet timeno!LOLOLOL
New tagline!
The d☠☠zerdude abides...
Ea make darkspore pack
stop this madness! havent you learned!?
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May the light of Avalon Guide you
Creative Minds create something?
waiting Darkspore...
Un bot aux comportement français.:P
t=5 and x=2 and 2+x=t
My GT is Airaexsistence play me on Xbox live :D
May the force be with you
GA is broken, but expect creatures occasionally
Bones dipped in Gravey!
What will you find through a wormhole?
Watch me watch me flutter by. Im a lovely butterfy
Haha... you haven't won yet.
Every star has a soul...
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100 years WWI anniversary, incoming creations!
This game isn't what it used to be.
So what if LC is FFX? Shut up and forgive her.
Crea sempre cose nuove
The Pisoo Phase
Check out my adventures, comments welcome.
I will be back someday...
The Prehistoric World
Switched to Decapitron13
I came. I saw. I planet-busted.
happy farther day!
Or, is it the bagel?
kurtisj21 now haves dark spore
Soz for copying, it's to limit my downlaods.
"Change Your Tagline" -Tuhskak
hadn't changed my tagline in over a year XD
Who knows
Waiting for release day !
Spore: The Hurt Feelings Edition
...omne ignotum pro magnifico est...
404- File not found.
It's an old galaxy now. Those who are left...
Aliens do exist, I should know... I AM ONE!!!!!!!!
They Seen Meh Trollin'
You never know where you stand with a cactus.
Tails Doll Rocks :D
Will create adventures when i have time for it.
spore is back!
( FAQ ) http://home.arcor.de/regenregina/faq.htm
Rację zawsze ma ten kto ma rację
Under new management...sort of!
Busy... [ atm ]
change your tagline
Away till at least August
I'm Back! New series coming soon!
What Pikmin Creation excites you the most?
Look at my creations! Comment !
account closed!!
jordi princep
play as a epic
One day, I will come back. Yes, I will come back.
If Spore falls... "Till are are one."
the hunt is on....so stare running
Mmmph mmph mph!
Are you ready to Mario-size?
Spore must improve!
Let the adventure start...
Awesomeness is awesome
Where do I ask for directions?
The realizer of everything off.
Crazy and delusional, yet friendly and spontaneous
Behold, the resurrection of the master race!
Hello Sporefans!
If you can imagine it, you can create it
If Grandpa doesn't get his meds, he goes EPIC!
Probably done with Spore,feel free to use my stuff
Essere o Non Essere ? E' questa la spora !
Vener voire mes création!!!Elles sont cool!!!!
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Making epics more awesome is our job.
Feel free to visit my grave.
Monsters aren't weird, they are creative!
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Did I was banned?