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Im still looking for creepy entries!
Convincing the world
- the beast master
PSN ID : Russ1anZ0mb13
Very busy from school right now.
Ugh, Sorry about being offline. Portfolio work. Dx
The Universe speaks to those who listen.
right now: inactive
On a break from Spore.
Get your entries in!
Dirtymeat A~Go~Go
following trend of leaving if u still play,enjoy:)
Jakster is my husband and we watch tv all night
change your tagline
The Most Interesting Man in the World.
Sorry, way behind lately...=(
still around :)
Has left the Building..
Like if you're in 2022
Back from the dead!
Do The Bender! Do The Bender!
Eesh...love sucks.
Out Of The Office. Use what you want!
The Dreadwings are cruel,but among them are good.
Greetings, earthling.
Spode's in his heaven. All's right with the galaxy
All your base r belong to Liran
I'ts been a loooong time
Workin' on some new paints!
The Shadow: Between Dark and Light
I haz a snout! :3
Retired Spore Creator
Retired from Spore. Feel free to use my stuff!
Lead tenor sax for Kroc Center jazz ensemble
Welcome to your doom
has left the building
@WaveBomber on Twitter
(Account is indefinitley idle)
Starting a New Era
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You never know where you stand with a cactus.
Make something cool with the Spore API!
Pollination? I've got hayfever!
Bring Back Spore!
To genius and idiots, and gods in everyone of us.
I've moved! My new username is 'Avalaxy11'!
June 2019 update: still checking
a bit out of practice
1,465 subbed; http://www.twitch.tv/sporepat1196
It's life, Jim, but not as we know it.
Please take care.
enilgats. meht etah I
Alt account: UmbreonRacie
Sorry for my prolonged absence. Back in June.
Check out my new player ID- Slarti-42
Thanks for the comments!
Just had a baby! Will be MIA for a few months!
I can't connect to spore:(.
Long Live Spore
Problem Resolved! Pat1196 is back!
cybertriobite on youtube
Inactive, I've retired.
Alt account for RacieB, set up by Luminar
Delicious tail, I must eat it!
>[Project:-{POINT_0} Has Been Initiated.]