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Away for a bit, but I'll be back! :)
People are still playing this game?
A relic from a glorious time.
Check it Out : http://forum.spore.com/jforum/posts
----this way----> [Check-point] *fist pump* "Yes!"
New DarkSpore based Floones up!
H-K-D Anger is a gift
When are they going to give us a new patch?
change your tagline
Busy with college I'll try to keep creating
tagline? i don't need no steenkin' tagline!
Creativity is a form of Madness...
Purveyor of beautiful abominations.
Dirtymeat A~Go~Go
Have a Coke and a Smile!
Out Of The Office. Use what you want!
the cyborg creator
Sorry for the simplicity of my comments I'm French
Staying for awhile (As of June 2012)
Pet meh, feed meh ^-^
Playing when I have time... meaning not often :(
currently playing darkspore
It's been so long...
I am not finished yet...
Busy with my writing, happy Sporing!
I have re-booted the ol' galaxy!
Thanks for the memories.... I'm done for now.
I shall Return
Thanks and goodbye to all my buddies.
a bit out of practice
"That scratch is making me itch!"
Good Bye @ all! I had a great time here! Thanks ^^
I meditate in minefields
Hosting the SPOSCARS in the adventure section!
No longer active, but thanks for the comments :)
not gonna come back.. probably
Fly out and start create!
Dear lord I'm rusty at this...
Installing Spore on new pc, bbs ;)
Spore On!
10 Years of Quackenstein
~Specto Subitus~
Cogito ergo Spore.
Unbound and Unleashed, Underground By Design