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Santa ordered a new computer for me for Christmas!
Dragon Up
My radar head is going wacky!
Busy playing minecraft...and ps3...and school :[
Spore shall RULE! Oh, it already does
Come play with me on Little Big Planet! MaddyPaddy
Thanks for the memories.... I'm done for now.
My thumb only goes up!
who needs an annoying friend, you've got a creator
rule the universe before it rules you
done with spore, feel free to use my creatures
>implying anyone still plays this game
LOAD "*",8,1
dragon funny creature flying
I'm zentamental about my spore
Halo:Reach FTW!
AlexVonGore took my common aero
A branch of JKalenad (we're the same person)
My captain has reached level 10! W00T!