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Is awesome!
love is so unfair
not done all the Creatures by my self
Formerly known as Therizinosaur
Looking for disks then will finally be back!
techincal spore trouble... will fix soon.
Welcome to my Galaxy!
Our Imagination is but a projection of existence.
i hope steam works for the updates on the game
I'm taking a break, thanks to all who supported me
If there extinct, there here.
Mean Green Mother From Outer Space
I see that Spore is not a prawn short of a galaxy
Stopped Spore to start videos. Find me on YouTube!
Yeah, I wear a bow tie. Bow ties are cool.
On a break from Spore for a while.
prehistorie in the making
I'm the thinker of this galaxy.
bye bye spore. wow is so much better!
Every great invention needs proper inspiration.
The artist formerly known as ickabob7734.
Nick Bryant, you still won't go away? You will pay
I like to make weirdos!
No longer at the mercy of the Reptile brain.
GA is broken, but expect creatures occasionally
Aliens, Dinosaurs, Robots, and Ponies Oh My!
Out Of The Office. Use what you want!
Light up the Fire - Ride on the Power!
Olá a todos, eu sou Gabrieletheman!
357 comments and 27 subscribers yay!!
Mattswarrior's new account, Co-admin of the BWP RP
MPN looks trash.
Good Things happen to good people
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Evolution takes no prisioners
Saver of Humens
The Prehistoric World
With strange aeons even death may die.
Experiencing technical difficulties...
Having troubles with spore.
You never know where you stand with a cactus.
I need to be filled in on the changes of spore.
Bringing cosmic destruction to a planet near you!
I will no longer respond to negative comments
Lazy Justice.
Playing the Darkspore-beta.
Chim-Chimney Chim-Chimney Chim chim, cha-roo
Variety, variety, variety...
Creation in the making
*Chewing walnuts*
so I've been gone a while. probs won't come back.
Making what I make best.
Retired Spore in 2012, dunno if I will be back
My DA- mechformer93.deviantart.com
Feel free to use my creations for whatever.
The Escophin Empire does not forgive nor forget.
Did I was banned?