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Goodbye, :-(
Yeah, cause I'm just that awesome.
Every time someone subs to me a cute thing dies!
Don Knotts
change your tagline
When are they going to give us a new patch?
Bye, and thank you for coming to my page.
Que pasa, Mufasa?
They told me I could become anything.
Good to see some old faces ^^
All in all we're just dust in the wind...
been here since the beginning
Come here, cupcake! *BOOM!*
I haz antenna, but don't you grab it. >_<
Future Company's best builder and engineer
Busy with my writing, happy Sporing!
done with spore, feel free to use my creatures
Don't you remember when spore was so...mysterious?
oh well you say city buyout I say ICBM
The Deep Fire burns ever on!
No longer play Spore. Working hard now.
Made in Awesome
Action Clown.