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I don't do much around here....
Justice is done
Alpha Conspiracy - Chapter 10 is out!
Luke i am your gamer!!!
Dark Sands - Episode 34 is out! (Still on hiatus.)
Greetings square ones, let's take a journey
Find me on deviantart: RedParagonG
Mildly (incredibly) addicted to Spore and Maxis
Back for the creativity boost
Salooverall's alt for uploading unworthy stuff :P
Out Of The Office. Use what you want!
AKA; Rebecca1208 / DarkEdgeTV
I'm The Coolio Dood
So what if LC is FFX? Shut up and forgive her.
why are all my friends fake
i have moved on from spore
My Art Blog: http://www.littlepinkpencil.com/
moved to Luggi12, please go there
I am an evil giraffe, and member of the Spore team
Welcome to my special hell.
We are Dreamers, Shapers, Singers And Makers...
Thanks for the memories.... I'm done for now.
Moved to my old account: Dekerrex
Chim chiminey Chim chiminey Chim chim cher-ee
been gettin' money
What know they of England who only England know?
hell is empty and all the devils are here
= Back On Spore ^^
Not as active on this account much ._.
I'm addicted to DC Universe Online...
My hypno mantis is an honorable mention!
play my adventures and sub
Off on a hiatus regularly.
Update 1-27-18: Retired, enjoy my stuff!!
I need a new name
Busy with real life, not sure when I'll be back
Is now Invader_ZIM_Fan.
>> cReAtiVitY iS My WoRld <<
I am back, after another long absence
Don’t judge a book by its cover