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"The best offense is a good offense!"
I'm back!
See Rhino18 my other username
- the beast master
new creations now at my youtube page
On a break from Spore.
change your tagline
is Absolute
Novus Ordo Seclorum!
All the Realms and Worlds...
I NEVER DOWNRATE check my sporecasts out ty:)
SNS Serious Noise Shipworks
My entire page is a work in progress.
NAZGUL715 is ma XBOX360 live name please buddy me!
a bit out of practice
Nova CEO is on his way back....
I nostalgia'd, playing this
Go to my other file Alta80 for more creations.
Imagination Is What Makes Us Human...
Sorry for my prolonged absence. Back in June.
I can't connect to spore:(.
I still check up on you guys! :P