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Can find me as @Batpikah
regret to say, probs neva gettin on.compu fried:(
Playing Minecraft and Primal Carnage mainly now
Account is mostly inactive... for now.
guess whos back
Unleash Your Inner Fury.
This place is still alive somehow.
My main Spore account is "Rebecca1208" :)
Stopped Spore to start videos. Find me on YouTube!
New account is:Cutemon :)
...Like tears, in rain.
Bringing you dangerous beasts since 2010.
Forever? That's relative.
I Am Now Thunderlord1234
Contest For Points No.4 underway!
Noodles is here!
AKA; Rebecca1208 / DarkEdgeTV
kik Messenger username: xVortex360x
Evolution takes no prisioners
are you a red light because stop.
EXTREMELY BUSY! But will get on occasionally.
Runchis I'm bak!!! Moer Creting!
Not here.
Don't Worry EXCALlBUR ;) I'll come back soon!
Let's build up something~! ♥
Thanks for all the comments everyone!
the way ive started playing again after 10 years
Spore is glitching out again, but I'm back!
May have enough $ for a new computer soon...
I take real art requests from my dA
waddahell..... ...bulnosaur
Youtube = Seshidao
Currently doing a research essay on Spore!
Back in 2018
DeviantArt acount name xSabinaxx ^^
Probably wont be on regularly but who knows 😎
Space the final Frontier we will get there one day
SO BORED! logging off now
Disturbingly flimsy
Should I be a soldier for Halloween?
Busy with real life, not sure when I'll be back
Retired Spore in 2012, dunno if I will be back
Your idiot is in another forum
Add me in AJ! username:PurplePuppi1497
anything you can imagine is out there ,- somewhere
(◡‿◡✿) EA pls fix the login issues
Your life is a Miracle