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regret to say, probs neva gettin on.compu fried:(
Playing Minecraft and Primal Carnage mainly now
Account is mostly inactive... for now.
guess whos back
Unleash Your Inner Fury.
Still on hiatus.
I still play, but the community is gone.
My main Spore account is "Rebecca1208" :)
Stopped Spore to start videos. Find me on YouTube!
New account is:Cutemon :)
Infernal Invasion at https://discord.gg/gZdhehr
Bringing you dangerous beasts since 2010.
Forever? That's relative.
I Am Now Thunderlord1234
Contest For Points No.4 underway!
AKA; Rebecca1208 / DarkEdgeTV
kik Messenger username: xVortex360x
Evolution takes no prisioners
are you a red light because stop.
EXTREMELY BUSY! But will get on occasionally.
Runchis I'm bak!!! Moer Creting!
Not here.
Don't Worry EXCALlBUR ;) I'll come back soon!
Let's build up something~! ♥
Thanks for all the comments everyone!
Spore is glitching out again, but I'm back!
Midnight Howl...
May have enough $ for a new computer soon...
I take real art requests from my dA
Find me on Tumblr as cofaqriqus
Currently doing a research essay on Spore!
DeviantArt acount name xSabinaxx ^^
Back with irregular content
Space the final Frontier we will get there one day
SO BORED! logging off now
Should I be a soldier for Halloween?
Busy with real life, not sure when I'll be back
Retired Spore in 2012, dunno if I will be back
Your idiot is in another forum
Add me in AJ! username:PurplePuppi1497
anything you can imagine is out there ,- somewhere
(◡‿◡✿) EA pls fix the login issues
Your life is a Miracle