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Populating the galaxy one nightmare at a time.
Spore: mass mediocrity/rare talent
the greatest latest and most powerful creations
new creations now at my youtube page
Spore unlocks the imagination.
The only limit is imagination...
Every time someone subs to me a cute thing dies!
The Universe speaks to those who listen.
CS is all I do. Dangarang is my NON-CS account.
well spore is fixed now :O
On a break from Spore.
Busy with college I'll try to keep creating
If you copy/modify please remember to give credit
Back again for the winter. check out my new ships.
A lot of variety here. Part of the Hive
I'M BACK!!.....Where'd everyone go?
Feel free to use my creations for GA!
Good to see some old faces ^^
I'm the man with the template plan
Old spore <3
No one hates computers more than a programmer
Spore on iha kiva...
Made from Scratch PP 35/35. Also see VDlekjran
I'm from Germany =)..Spore the game for creativity
Universe is for you to discover
Dreaming is better than live in lies
*Approve all comments* g'bye everyone
You never know where you stand with a cactus.
The Infected
changed the tagline
Very very busy...I'm so sorry.
Thanks for the memories.... I'm done for now.
Beautiful but deadly....
My thumb only goes up!
Has rediscovered Spore ;D
Beware...insanity lies within...so do the Grox...
Plausible creations for game use.
1,465 subbed; http://www.twitch.tv/sporepat1196
new account: Bamfasaurus :)
Hosting the SPOSCARS in the adventure section!
I can resist anything except temptation
Living in my own little world; You're invited
I WILL return all my comments, sorry if I haven't!
I was here when there wasnt here to be found
playing God
An empire across all creation and beyond.
long time no spore!
I'll be back after a few problems are sorted out.
Virakotxa's buddie profile... auto-uploads, also.
Installing Spore on new pc, bbs ;)
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Perfection cannot be reached without a dark side.
I still check up on you guys! :P
I'm around...
They want live even when they're not alive
Icy Cold Heart
My DA- mechformer93.deviantart.com
>> cReAtiVitY iS My WoRld <<
My username is the same on Wii U!
change your tagline
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