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My positive comment usually includes a rating :)
The Universe speaks to those who listen.
The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.
On a break from Spore.
change your tagline
In cyberspace, no-one can hear you scream.
In Spore Discord at https://discord.gg/gZdhehr
Jakster is my husband and we watch tv all night
Ambrosia is Marshmallow Fluff
Out Of The Office. Use what you want!
a bunch of props without adventures
Let's have a Ling rush, you say?
Can play adventures but no longer creating
that space stage tho
changed the tagline
Sadly, might not be on for a while...
Drew980s Prop alt
a bit out of practice
Hosting the SPOSCARS in the adventure section!
All my stuff is gone.
Sic orbis terrarum, in clam.
400 subs!
change your tagline
How do you spore?
Uninstall ALL the spores!