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Ich erstelle nur Humanoide fast nur Humanoide
Good to see you again!
Downrating doesn't increase your creator skills :)
Spore: mass mediocrity/rare talent
Nie wiesz ile tracisz kiedy Cie nie ma w kuchni.
ik SPORE niet
*Benster, The One And Only.*
Writing the Dragon World field guide!
With the shield or over the shield...
Ugh, Sorry about being offline. Portfolio work. Dx
Please see my other profile, CelenaReborn.
Creations for Play, Subscribe say Hi :)
expolre spore...
On a break from Spore.
Creativity is a form of Madness...
Win 10 and Spore do not quite match...
How Yall Doin?
Dirtymeat A~Go~Go
All your base are belong to us!
Hello Guys, i try to reinstall spore again
bringing sexy back
Wer mich net´ kennt, hat wat` verpennt!^^
Sorry, way behind lately...=(
Channel dead forever
Expand my universe!
I NEVER DOWNRATE check my sporecasts out ty:)
Back for the creativity boost
Out Of The Office. Use what you want!
AKA; Rebecca1208 / DarkEdgeTV
Old spore <3
I'm on Hiatus. Blame MW2
Laze in the haze.
Creating without C&C and will continue so!
dzisiaj ogon... jutro co ?
Remember, the Force will be with you... always...
Retired from Spore. Feel free to use my stuff!
Underage I ask to refrain from visiting my page
i was bugged because of teh evil PATCH 4...
Superman's freeloading older brother
change your tagline
Moved to DDO... but M visits occassionaly.
Krusedullfaen is gone again...
coś ciekawego?
Flare Scaple is cool nice
The Wite mesa
Please do NOT steal my creations just comment
offline for ever
trying to regain my edge
umop ǝpıs dn
You never know where you stand with a cactus.
ize gone...
Yay! Finished school!
Change your tagline
Building from '08 till infinity
Street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm
Spore crashes on start-up, not reinstalling
Rather dashing
Col. Gruntmaster
├☼┤Love me some spore! ├☼┤
philosophies enable them to rule without regard
Making spore just a little more twisted.
play my adventures
I'm pretty damn proud of my dreadnought
I'll be goone for a while... again.
account closed!!
Inactive due to Spore issues
change your tagline
In hibernation
No Limits! No Creations!
Found disk, litte more aktive now :D
left nip gang
Error 505 file not found!
I like video games!
I like Chocolate Milk
there is no begining nor end
tag your changeline
Check out my new player ID- Slarti-42
Aliens "Game over man game over"
building the finest hunks of junk in the galaxy
Come on you Apes! DO YOU WANNA LIVE FOREVER!?!?
add me on discord TurtlesSoup#7154
Closed Account: Go to "Excalibur42"
Call me when Spore gets patched..
Star Wars + Spore = WIN
A trip down memory lane.
Abominations abound.
I am Thobewill
Well, it has been a while, hasn't it?
ein Vogel? ein Flugzeug? es ist Elchman
hello mate
My DA- mechformer93.deviantart.com
Ordinary Creatures with Extraordinary Powers.
>> cReAtiVitY iS My WoRld <<
just dead on chi long qua's screen
It's ownage time!
My username is the same on Wii U!
10 Years of Quackenstein
I'm still alive -2018