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Enjoying Spore.
Groksowie sa najlepsi :)
Lubię Bakłażany ♥
- the beast master
b0ss please
So. My spore won't open. Bye..
I have quit Spore. I bid you, good day.
dragons are probably the best creatures i make
Never let Spore die! Keep demanding Spore 2!
Big fan of Emo's and Yaoi <33
The d☠☠zerdude abides...
Fat Creatures are in There "Happy Place"
The universe awaits . . .
I love Spore
I never abandon. I never leave a friend's side.*~
Do you like my echidna?
on a tiny break;trying to avoid UNDERTALE spoilers
may the odds be ever in your favor(:
Don't create for comments. Create for fun
AKA; Rebecca1208 / DarkEdgeTV
The Eyes Have It!!!
is dead. See ya'll in the new spore in 2018!
TuckerZombies: Permafrost coming soon
these things eventually become too easy you see
spore's back up to 100%, I"m back
Hurr Durr, hello. C&C isn't working. ;_;
Don't Worry EXCALlBUR ;) I'll come back soon!
change your tagline
We see. We know. We control!
HEY! Give me all your butter!
Just cause somthing is cute or creepy its special.
been reading alot more than creating >.>
Enjoy the silence (and birds)!
Playing Darwin in my spare time
Very Innactive right now Φ^Φ
Sorry for not being on for months! I've been busy!
Has turned 18 years old. :D
Crazy and delusional, yet friendly and spontaneous
If everyone's leaving, then so am I.
Back on the air! but the pc im on has no GA >.>
With Tomorrow, expect better.
BTW I'm still alive!!! I will return soon!