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"A mind gone wild is a sign of creativity.Enjoy!"
change your tagline
Finally back~
Bye, and thank you for coming to my page.
I NEVER DOWNRATE check my sporecasts out ty:)
On vacation.
Art is the medicine for the pain of life.
Getting Bored of Spore
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Gotta go, NASA Needs me, ;)
You never know where you stand with a cactus.
I am almost never online anymore....
I have an obsession with dogs .-.
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My new screename is : Amoebaosis!!!!
Hey you!
ima collecting lot of trophys
Working on fixing Spore so I can start creating.:)
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Now addicted to Kerbal Space Program!
good to see some of my old buddies creating!
Srry I hasn't been on.. :D Still luv ya thou!