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On a break from Spore.
a hybrid with all the delicacy of a sledgehammer
Dirtymeat A~Go~Go
Currently in a bit of a creative slump...
change your tagline
Feeling creative all of the sudden!
I create because I must
Lol, EA/Maxis updating spore? LOLNOPE :C
Check out the new Aylko set!
I like Trains
Hello, again, Spore!
{Bow Before The Gods}
Busy with my writing, happy Sporing!
From Russia
Feel free to put my things in adventure, just cred
Good Bye @ all! I had a great time here! Thanks ^^
I meditate in minefields
Return as Alt
Creations should look good & function in game!
Welcome to my profile :)
Sorry I haven't been on lately, but im a bit busy.
Waz up my Spore Hommies???
hey a grox wait... NOOOOOO!
Phenomenology, Philosophy
just updated the trapdoor sporecast
Thanks for all the comments :]
anything you can imagine is out there ,- somewhere
Carpe Diem
Feel free to use my creations for whatever.