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please have a look on my Creations
I´m BACK!!°°
I'll be back after 9th February!
Have a look at my sporecasts!
- the beast master
right now: inactive
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begeisterte Häuslebauerin
Getting a new pc. I will be back after that.
süchtig nach neuen Kreaturen
Name: Henning / Gender: male / Country: Germany
Taking a break
I need a break, I bought Sims 3.
bin im kreativen Loch :(
Left Spore for... ever.
Hier koennte ihre Werbung stehen
One big Galaxy full of magic...
Good old times' - too bad they're gone
The only limit is your own imagination.
Still alive and kicking :)
♥♥♥Danke für Eure Kommentare !!! ;o)♥♥♥
Hello and welcome
offline for ever
now on DeviantArt, doing random stuff
back again?
You never know where you stand with a cactus.
change your tagline
account closed!!
Thanks everyone for the cool comments!
Good Bye @ all! I had a great time here! Thanks ^^
Youtube :D Reptock :DD
I can resist anything except temptation
Why do you bite the hand that feeds you?
away for a bit ... excuse me!!
Enjoy my creatures and my sporecast^^
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