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Hello. Or, to put it another way, o hell.
New DarkSpore based Floones up!
The Defenders of Aironia have arrived...
Auroverse Discord! https://discord.gg/4rqGYv8
Can't get on my account
Creativity is a form of Madness...
Well-designed creatures, props and adventures.
going feral
Jojo brainrot hits different
Inactive. Contact me @ my Toyhou.se Ceruleanfire
Can't create right now because my game is broken
I am not a racist, I hate everyone equally.
change your tagline
I'm a bit rusty.
dA: RedParagonG
Currently frolicking in the flower fields...
Has left for good
lurking but not creating sorry
Am I back?????? ?????
No one hates computers more than a programmer
Adventure coming soon!
Made from Scratch PP 35/35. Also see VDlekjran
Find me on Deviantart.com // Kanonu
I took a break from Spore...I'm back for now!
check my most recent creation
"No." -Chris Inseki, 2012-2020
You never know where you stand with a cactus.
Sporechives ~ https://discord.gg/gZdhehr
Civilization Stage Junkie
Sorting out upload problems. Y u du dis Spore!
Believe in the Arrowsong...
SOCIAL EXPERIMENT: https://discord.gg/Hgz5sEj
Youtube = Seshidao
If you can't find the sunshine, be the sunshine!
Moved to Stormybird! This Acc is now an alt!
I love animals! :D
Not as active
Working on Episode 100
im dead here! msg @ stormystarlight on toyhou.se
Previously rmbear
Moved to Dracois04
Moved to Twarda8; got another SPORE (@Twarda8)
Retired. Disect, repaint, reuse, all good.
there isn't a community anymore, is there?
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