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tag your changeline
I'll be out of commission for awhile again
Experiencing technical difficulties. As always.
Guess I'll share something today (or tomorrow)
monkey prickening
Change your tagline
been busy working on adventure stuff
Monster Hunter World confirmed!
, Emperor's Hand
@WaveBomber on Twitter
You're gonna have a bad time
ILYCR+ = I like your creation and am uprating it
"What took me so long?"
Back on Spore
Thanks and goodbye to all my buddies.
still can't get the update working, sad!
a bit out of practice
I think I quit sorry guys
currently overdosing on nostalgia
Read it upside down
hell is empty and all the devils are here
Salooverall's alt for sharing YT-creations
I am a man of few words, but many ideas
Pokémon, dragons, MonHun? Got cha covered