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Got Jesus...?
Back? Deviantart is a-crazy-spycrab
Like a G6
Retired? For now...
let theare be pease in spore
Stay cool
following trend of leaving if u still play,enjoy:)
i have to find more participaters for my contest
Minecraft.School soon.
Stealthic badgers are cool =)
Starting a New Era
You never know where you stand with a cactus.
into the world beyond time
Never become as low as a downrater
Keep your password's hard to guess!
havnt been on spore in forever
The Dragon Giveth, and the Good Dragon taketh away
The downfall of the Gods, the rise of the Creator!
Accept nothing but perfection
Back in 2018
My universe is always shifting. Not always good...
Too lazy to reinstall. Playing dumb MMO.
Skirch: Bringing peace at 20,000 rpm
We are the Emprah's Fureh!
Always checkin in :)
sorry I won't be on as much now I am on SL.
How do you spore?
LordNotix on Discord: https://discord.gg/vdM37jw
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