Planetburn's 60 BUDDIES:
I'll be back after 9th February!
Finally found a job in this awesome Economy
Creativity leads to enlightenment!
New DarkSpore based Floones up!
Needs moar feathers.
change your tagline
Back and ready to make more weirdness.
Good to see some old faces ^^
I like 'em weird!
Back for the creativity boost
"You just got Sarged."
Oops... There goes the Universe
Reaching for the stars!
Busy with my writing, happy Sporing!
DARN, I miss you spore!
Anything for a weird life
change your tagline
Find me at OMMworld dot com
Sorry for no recent updates
Messin' with nature since 1987
lml (>,.,<) lml
RL keeps me soo busy these days :(
Trogdor the Burninator