Taking a break. Will be back soon.
Are you a fan of delicious flavor?
Back to Spore again! :)
change your tagline
I will be back soon!
The Darkness of the universe
Back! After i get spore runnning :/
Attman's lil brother
new creations now at my youtube page
All great creators have a burden...
A relic from a glorious time.
Shadowforge Industries - Building Tomorrow
I think I have a problem...
Feel free to use any and all my creations.
Almost 100 subs, thank you very much people! ^o^
The Universe speaks to those who listen.
New DarkSpore based Floones up!
Very busy at school. I'll be back soon.
Busy with college I'll try to keep creating
Arguing With myself and losing!
Mean Green Mother From Outer Space
techno605 is a big fat cryyyy babeee!! LOL :D:D:D
My brain is melting and it smells like a volcano
brain is on a break from spore
Stopped Spore to start videos. Find me on YouTube!
I will try to do better!!
Because it's the best idea ever invented!
Possibly returning...
Illars demand a sacrifice.
Volviendo a spore
All the Realms and Worlds...
Ack, this needs more fire!
sanity is for the weak
Can't create right now because my game is broken
Fighting for the octopuses
Predicting the new starters years ago
Just approved comments dating back to 2011. MIAa
Name: Henning / Gender: male / Country: Germany
I don't really come by much anymore.
Feel free to use my creations for GA!
They told me I could become anything.
On temporary hiatus for work.
Sorry, way behind lately...=(
+The guy to go to for spaceships!
Taking a little break, I'll be back!
Grox Be Gone Spray!
Have a Coke and a Smile!
What is dead may never die.
I think today smells like awesome
All you need is love
Back from the dead!
Still no CPU, I intend on coming back Miss you all
as the name says
may the odds be ever in your favor(:
I'm the man with the template plan
Why are we still playing this game?
I dream reality is my dream
sorry for not checking comments or updating...
Old spore <3
I'ts been a loooong time
Imagination's the one weapon in the war vs reality
that space stage tho
Sorry for the simplicity of my comments I'm French
Creators Work Hard; Don't Take Them for Granted
Lol, EA/Maxis updating spore? LOLNOPE :C
Getting Bored of Spore
One big Galaxy full of magic...
Totally Awesome: KillTwisty styling since 12/20/08
A bit rusty.
i have moved on from spore
Still alive and kicking :)
Live or Die Trying...
♥♥♥Danke für Eure Kommentare !!! ;o)♥♥♥
Hello and welcome
Lite-Black... ...that's all.
Give me liberty... or a bran muffin!
Hello, again, Spore!
change your tagline
@WaveBomber on Twitter
Back for a while
Think outside the sphere. Boxes are overrated.
Starting a New Era
Busy with my writing, happy Sporing!
back again?
A complete fool
umop ǝpıs dn
Ex-creator. Never featured.
You never know where you stand with a cactus.
I am an evil giraffe, and member of the Spore team
please, feel free to modify anything I make :D
change your tagline
I am the Goddess of Darkness...
Oh my, a nuclear orange!
rebuilding sucks T, T
changed the tagline
Yeah I really need to start creating again
Thanks for the memories.... I'm done for now.
Feel free to use my stuff in GA...
Gone, gone, gone.
Join the Expedition! https://discord.gg/tFYWT33jGH
To genius and idiots, and gods in everyone of us.
GAprops and templates
No longer has Spore, but still answers comments
philosophies enable them to rule without regard
a bit out of practice
Deleted most of my pre-xenobiology creations
Meanwhile, on the other side of the universe...
we make the terror
In hibernation
is back in action...I have some relearning to do..
Fear me! I have returned
May have enough $ for a new computer soon...
Good Bye @ all! I had a great time here! Thanks ^^
Had some activity after 3 years
Need to be intermittent on Spore.....
Live to Laugh, Love to Live
im back
Still away from Spore.
Srry descardion, Ccreatorr, Flamestar, Darkside.
High Sandwich Priest
change your tagline
Where there is imagination, there is creation.
Deviant Art (DiviousCreator9000) please watch me!
I'm not old. Your music really does suck.
School is keeping me busy. Sorry :(
Just had a baby! Will be MIA for a few months!
read this tagline to die instantly
My new profile is called Metamorphoid! Please sub
How do you spore?
Hello spore!!
Expect a comeback.
more back then before!
I am Thobewill
Moved to Twarda8; got another SPORE (@Twarda8)
Caught up with work & WOW. :)
Uninstall ALL the spores!
Thanks for all the comments :]
I make mediocrity look good.
>> cReAtiVitY iS My WoRld <<
having trouble with my spore page format is broken
*Spinning in circles*
Overlord of the Spindelcore-Galaxy
moved to deviantart~ xxwolfendragonxx
~Specto Subitus~
Getting back into things...
Werderfan2012 is the ULTAMITE spore creater!
2018: BACK IN
techno605 is throwing temper tantrums again. :D
Unbound and Unleashed, Underground By Design
Sorry guys, but I think I'm done with spore