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Away for a bit, but I'll be back! :)
Have a great week
99 quailty building created wait for the 100th
Taking a break from creating and playing the game!
Shadowforge Industries - Building Tomorrow
Very busy from school right now.
Check it Out : http://forum.spore.com/jforum/posts
With the shield or over the shield...
If you got the money, honey, we got your disease
excuse me but, you have lost the game
I love Escapeism
New DarkSpore based Floones up!
All your spore are belong to me!
On a break from Spore.
change your tagline
is Absolute
Hey man, that's not really funny.
Dirtymeat A~Go~Go
All the Realms and Worlds...
The penguin god of Spore
Good to see some old faces ^^
SNS Serious Noise Shipworks
A toxic waste pipeline in a recreational area?
Busy wit not spore lol
pentultimate being
Creating my own universe one creation at a time
has left the building
Hey whats this button do?
Update your tagline today!
Busy with my writing, happy Sporing!
Feel free to use my stuff in GA...
Now creating as OverActor.
I'm just a luuurrrve machine!!
a bit out of practice
Nova CEO is on his way back....
Sporadically creative...
Living in my own little world; You're invited
Gone Again.... :(
Moved on, may return for expac
change your tagline
Woah my tagline finally changed!
Check out my new player ID- Slarti-42
I'm back!
Spontaneously Combusting, and still lovin' it
Feature me now! :P
Eat your enemy
Installing Spore on new pc, bbs ;)
Nothing Lasts Forever
My DA- mechformer93.deviantart.com
>> cReAtiVitY iS My WoRld <<
I come back, and begin to make more buildings!!
I'm quiting spore sorry everybody!
Hoping to have more time to Spore soon