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counting down till Star Citizen comes out
welcome to my world
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Comment please. It boosts my self esteem.
burning hellcat
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Unlike Leela, I give no hints.
regret to say, probs neva gettin on.compu fried:(
cynder is the BEST
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change your tagline
It's been nice, Spore. Maybe in another life.
Guess it or not... I'm back...
You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube.
Life would be easy if we had the source code.
Win 10 and Spore do not quite match...
insert clever tagline here
Predicting the new starters years ago
Who needs actions when you got words?
Have a Coke and a Smile!
change your tagline
create veicoli militari,SEMPRE!
In Soviet Serbia, kebab removes you.
I will not change my tagline.
Light up the Fire - Ride on the Power!
(∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃━☆゚. * ・ 。゚
Saver of Humens
Made in sweden.
17.4.2009 - 3.10.2011 Goodbye!
Spore...still alive
Lukekaa ton keltasen hymiön kommentit
i have moved on from spore
Bioshadow is out now !!!
Total Trackhead
suuri, suurempi, puklapöklä
Airplane pwnage!
shadow will always lurk in your soul.
I bi aus Bayern :D des is in Deutschland!
@WaveBomber on Twitter
Goodbye from the Total Trackhed.
Giggidy.Giggidy. GOO!
My name is Legion: for we are many.
You never know where you stand with a cactus.
If you do it, do it well
I love the Army
New Account; Search for " SoporChild"
pure awesomeness
Alatko urputtaa?? Häh?
Still done with the game
Lost my product key
Know your enemies like friends.
Eat, sleep and play Spore!
Sic Transit gloria Mundi
You need wisdom for a life of power and courage.
...Happy new year.
Trying to get this Spore thing up and running
Creator's block...it burns...
so I've been gone a while. probs won't come back.
God's Marketing Department
A shared account, Two heads are better than one!
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Feature me now! :P
Some Assembly Required
anything you can imagine is out there ,- somewhere
I would buddy, but I want to manage my content
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