I have my good days and my bad...days
It's neither to start nor finish thats important
you're way out of your vector
2-21-2018 I am dreadfully sorry. .
What can't be done will be done
new creations now at my youtube page
Knownas Bearded Dragon Man on the zoo tycoon forum
That's How I Roll
Mucking about in primordial ooze
all the universe is but merely a game.
Rockin Hard and Eatin Food!
It's been a long time.
The Universe speaks to those who listen.
Now has Darkspore
Here there and everywhere
Stopped with Spore. (look latest creation)
Feel free to use my creations for GA!
Buahaha, Cheese it does the body good!
The Best Creatures comes from Germany..
Nuke 'em from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
Once I get a working computer...I'll be back!
I NEVER DOWNRATE check my sporecasts out ty:)
Out Of The Office. Use what you want!
Good Things happen to good people
So many tasty creatures, so little seasoning...
Location: www.gtsplus.net
Beware of the wildshark
Lol, EA/Maxis updating spore? LOLNOPE :C
Getting Bored of Spore
With strange aeons even death may die.
Life is dangerous, we died at the end.
"Good... good... and friends, they help friends."
make love, not spore!
I don't know. I'm a stranger here myself.last line
There is chaos and evolution
Picture made by me in Paint :)
bored as life is.
where is everyone?
Goji watches over you!!
If you enjoy my creations please rate :)
Moved to Twarda8; got another SPORE (@Twarda8)
Hello old friends
it just pops out of my head!