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I'll be out of commission for awhile again
Tagline of late adventures..
Svengali of the Sixties
Our shipyards are still working
Discord for GA at https://discord.gg/7zmvrFU
All the Realms and Worlds...
Well it's a brimful of Asha on the 45!
My life is so much more interesting inside my head
"It's 3:1 Sir" "Then it's an even fight"
Brah... Get out tha Choppi...
A long-time Spore user, since 2013
In Soviet Serbia, kebab removes you.
Well hello there.
Please use any of my creations if you wish
Northern Spore
Ball Creature maniac. JPN まんまるクリーチャーマニア 日本
Retired from Spore. Feel free to use my stuff!
Mors Regis
Goodbye from the Total Trackhed.
Spore,unlike me, has changed.
Maybe coming back soon?
To boldly go to infinity and never surrender.
Gone, gone, gone.
Back on Spore, but only making modded creations
I make mechs and stuff...
To genius and idiots, and gods in everyone of us.
Frick heck
Sir Master Peacemaker
I'm baaaaack! Under a new account, "MisterRodaz"
This account is now a placeholder.
Rare sci-fi, retro, realism and the unreal.
What do you believe?
Skadoo Skadae, I'm here to stay.