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Taking a break.
I'm quitting
One Man's Trash
discord: ametat#9048
new creations now at my youtube page
A pretty cool dude, relatively speaking
I do KSP now. Check me out on reddit :)
Down and out for the count
purveyor of fine luxury and utility spacecraft
I reject your reality, and substitute my own.
Check it Out : http://forum.spore.com/jforum/posts
If you got the money, honey, we got your disease
The 2nd fixed version of Chaolin Mission is out!
On a break from Spore.
Spore still slightly working
time to get busy
A little bit sad
Alt account—see moranosaurus for my main creations
Peace if possible, truth at all costs
Huge GA project at https://discord.gg/7zmvrFU
Novus Ordo Seclorum!
Win 10 and Spore do not quite match...
Well-designed creatures, props and adventures.
Check out the Sporechives at discord.gg/gZdhehr
Forever? That's relative.
All the Realms and Worlds...
What's it do? It kills the enemy.
Self-proclaimed tank specialist
I click ergo I am!
Beating a Dead Horse
Science should not set limits to our Imagination!
In Soviet Serbia, kebab removes you.
I will not change my tagline.
AKA BlueVenator
demented perfectionist
change your tagline
Light up the Fire - Ride on the Power!
The right man in the wrong place...
change your tagline
Well hello there.
Welcome to VortX (Cars and Space all the way)
SNS Serious Noise Shipworks
Technology is a LIE sent by liberals to kill us!
Hello there!!!
I'm gone.
Ball Creature Manic. JPN まんまるクリーチャーマニア 日本
rest in pieces spore
Sanity is overrated.
Now leaving reality, please stand by.
i have moved on from spore
Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone AW
Mors Regis
Spore was my childhood game, but I've moved on.
The fifth chapter of Light and Dark is now WIP.
We are the Music Makers, and Dreamers of Dreams
I live, I die, I live again!
Going to iRO
Goodbye from the Total Trackhed.
check my most recent creation
Back into spore.......Damn
A complete fool
You're going to Brazil
Sporechives ~ https://discord.gg/gZdhehr
Cyrannian on SporeWiki and DeviantART
Back on Spore, but only making modded creations
I make mechs and stuff...
Massive creativity block... no good creations...
Not done enough apparently
<Insert Pun Here>
I create dystopian creatures and buildings
By the powers of creation...let it be!
créateur de fou
Yearly winner of the JD Power Award
*cough cough* smells like rotting wet dog poop
Irrationally calm
Pumping those Spore juices!
Don't revive me, win the game.
Welcome to Bmpalmann's experimental account
We're destined to walk in the light of other suns
Read it upside down!
Needing more people to help with Xexes
It doesn't just look good as a stillframe
Back with irregular content
The Goon of the Swarm
Former BWP RP Leader
Rare sci-fi, retro, realism and the unreal.
Working on Hopeless again!
What do you believe?
Slowly coming back...please stand by
They are fragmented, broken... blind.
Adventures in the making!
I lost my cookies
How do you spore?
Okay, VERY Occupied
I might have a degree in chemical engineering.
Wanna dance?
warning my profile is broken
Sort of back!
Spore broke
I still check up on you guys! :P
Youre Whats For Dinner
Slightly inactive. Add my disc. Brizzywoo!#1189
there isn't a community anymore, is there?
Moved to a different account
Never Knows Best
Aliens, tanks, and spaceships.
glitches in my mind
2018: BACK IN
World building best building