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Spore is awesome!
Make it so!
Beware of the Hop Hop Empire
Not mentally prepared...
Conquer first, Ask questions later.
Nothing is impossible, just improbable.
[GS] Daxx
Alien Zookeeper
Metal Gear!?
Let me show you my Sporkemans!
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Follower of the GS and Senator of the New Galaxy
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Will buy Creepy & Cuty and Adventures Soon! :)
One mind, many ideas.
Inoculate a Design
Tail today, feet tomorrow
"Protection of Life and Freedom"
Reality is overrated
pentultimate being
Makes things at ludicrous speed
All's done, nothing's won. But we will rise again!
Ka ainim gaiben!
Keep it rolling!
Some person.
Bring me my monocle. I want to look rich.
Yeah I really need to start creating again
It's sporetacular!
Come and be merry!.... Or Else!
tastes just like chicken
a bit out of practice
Just a few things from my mind!
Delicious carbohydrates.
Dream through my eyes.
Taggity taggity tagline!
random crazyness
Hang the sense of it and keep yourself busy.
With great engineering comes great abominations!
Creativity is in everyone!
Some peoples heads are in the clouds...
Creating Better Life Since 1979!
Stranded on a tiny spit of sand in an endless sea.
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If it's mine it doesn't completely suck