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‎ur brtty gud snek ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) https://youtu.be/2z
Populating the galaxy one nightmare at a time.
Je suis devenu Québécois!
moved to account Morei
Or maybe not.
I do KSP now. Check me out on reddit :)
I don't do much around here....
Check it Out : http://forum.spore.com/jforum/posts
Wow, I've played this game for a long time...
Hard setting is the only setting.
Check out my alternate account, Stinkrfist
It's been nice, Spore. Maybe in another life.
luv dragons! YUNO LUV! (wont be on alot )
Admiral_Cloudberg on Reddit & Steam
change your tagline
Ain't got time to lose my groove
I am your worst nightmare.
I've switched to my alt Revodar. Look me up there!
Get your entries in!
Novus Ordo Seclorum!
a beast comes beware!
Love Knows No Boundaries
Ack, this needs more fire!
Jakster is my husband and we watch tv all night
Wings are my specialty ;)
Just approved comments dating back to 2011. MIAa
dead account
Creation is just the beginning
Master of all infections
may the odds be ever in your favor(:
"Reality is not always probable, or likely."
Feeling creative all of the sudden!
I dream reality is my dream
Old spore <3
I'm gone.
i accidentally my tagline :(
Drew is my husband and we watch tv all night
Minecraft.School soon.
People are still visiting my grave?
Starting again
Sanity is overrated.
Doin' the bulldance, Feelin' the flow, Workin' it.
Lead tenor sax for Kroc Center jazz ensemble
Suck my dick
This state of matter is quite interesting...
Starting a New Era
You never know where you stand with a cactus.
Skype: Darius4464 (meekotaadl@gmail.com)
screams and memes
changed the tagline
Very very busy...I'm so sorry.
Might be resuming making stuff soon!
Gone, gone, gone.
I'M BACK, still check'in comments ;)
a bit out of practice
Im baccckk.....
Maybe I'll create over the weekend... :D
we make the terror
Happily retired, 2017
Miss me? ig @rapterswing
Youtube = Seshidao
my new account is CresentDragon95
I can't think of a tagline D:
abandon hope all who comment here.
What do you Believe?
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Checked in on 7/19/14. Thanks for the comments!
How do you spore?
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) change your tagline scrub
Nowadays getting Downrated is a Sign of Greatness
Check out my Alt "Velanc"
Inactive, I've retired.
Uninstall ALL the spores!
I have returned! If you are on, comment!
Has left the building - for real this time
I have returned. Will be on more frequently.