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Down and out for the count
I dislike locked captains
Should probably get Creepy and Cute... probably...
I've switched to my alt Revodar. Look me up there!
Left handed turn coming up....
Wings are my specialty ;)
Behold the power of... Imaginaton!
change your tagline
GA is broken, but expect creatures occasionally
Now you see me, now you don't.
the Golden Chicken in your backgarden
(awesomeness sold separately)
demented perfectionist
Comment on my creatures, and get subscribed!
Only playing sporadically (sorry :P)
Whatever happens dont blink
The Shark Eat Us! Oh No!!!!!!
Ik ben altijd invoor een gevecht
I've crashed. I can no longer create. :(
♥♥♥Danke für Eure Kommentare !!! ;o)♥♥♥
Goodbye from the Total Trackhed.
Is everybody ready for DarkSpore?!?!?! :)
Anyone still out there? >_>
You never know where you stand with a cactus.
I am an evil giraffe, and member of the Spore team
The Future is Now!
Chyaaah! Excellent!
I'm on and off, I don't care!!!!!!!!!!
i know possibilities of sci fi
Well, I'm gone. Bye everyone =^w^=
soyez amis avec moi pour avoir mes super ragorix8D
My name is Puuushoook.Go to see my creations
Good Bye @ all! I had a great time here! Thanks ^^
The galaxy needs creation and that is me!
To boldly create where no one has created before!
A winner is you!
I make the undefeatable defeatable!
I am KIRA!
Hello old friends